Historical past Of The The Tower Drive In Film Theater In Poteau, Oklahoma


Just a few years in the past in Scotland with my new partner watching the painfully drawn out emotional hogwash that is ‘Love Story’ – ultimately in the seemingly hours lengthy dying scene the viewers was so quiet you probably can hear a tear dropping, I couldn’t stand it any longer and manufactured a protracted drawn out sob, and the theatre erupted in tears !! sufficient to virtually cover my hysterical laughter.

It might be a lot later that I’d learn why my mother had not allowed us to set foot inside the film home. It had not been because she was imply, as we had thought. We’d uncover that she had recognized further in regards to the theater than she had let on. The place had a previous and it wasn’t pleasant. A darkness existed throughout the cinema partitions that was not welcoming to patrons or, presumably, the person who acted as its caretaker.

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