31 Campy, Tacky Horror Films For Halloween


Via the entire movie, you aren’t actually certain if it is all in her head, if it’s Samuel, or if there’s something else happening. It leaves you feeling extremely confused. I like that regarding the film. So normally, movies are too predictable, and while that will still be entertaining, I like being shocked, confused, and just plain scared.

We are saying: With unparalleled skill and dedication, Hoji has worked and skied his way from a younger buck to an undisputed icon—all whereas preserving an unusually low profile. As both his skiing and his passion for gear-tinkering proceed to influence the game, this feature flick from Matchstick throws the highlight on this usually understated ski hero from Alberta.

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9 Lives is, by far, probably the most poorly written film I’ve ever seen. I can’t resolve who deserves extra blame; Author/Director Andrew Green for penning a few of the tedious, senseless, unnatural scripts ever written, or the actors for accepting the roles after finding out it. I’ve heard better dialogue in 70s Porn.